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SlicPix is not just your typical SaaS

We are a Family


Benoit and I (Joan) are life partners, the founders of SlicPix® and World travelers, and passionate about using stories to make a change.

We met in 1991, while backpacking in Asia. Travels included India, Thailand and Hong Kong where we purchased bicycles and went into China.

We crossed into Pakistan through India and onto Nepal to trek the Annapurna Mountains.

In 1993, we returned to my roots in Minnesota, married and worked 80 hours a week to save up for our next adventure.

In 1994 we started our cycle trip from Texas to Ushuaia Argentina, Paris to Poland and onto Northern Greece where we learned we were going to be parents.
Life changed to something many of you are more familiar with!

We returned to Minnesota and in 2003 relocated to the woods of Dresden Maine where we raised our 3 children.
SlicPix® is our new adventure and we are very excited to see what the future brings.

Please reach out to learn more about us and our hopes for a better world.

Thank you for your interest and support.
Sincerely, Joan and Benoit Drappeau


Joan Drappeau

Joan Drappeau, our Co-founder and CEO, brings a wealth of expertise with a BS degree in Business Administration from Metro State. Joan has 6+ years in market research on digital experiences.

Her passions and strengths lie in assisting businesses in interactively leveraging their unique narratives for differentiation.

Benoit Drappeau
CTO - Software Architect / Developer

I am a well versed and disciplined software profesional with over 35 years of experience in Information Technology spanning from the early stages of Robotic and Assembly development to ,nowadays, Cloud Computing.

Personally, SlicPix is giving me everyday the opportunity to think out of the box, apply my craft in innovative and creative ways and work with a dynamic and talented forward thinking team. A computer geek's dream.


Aniruddha Jaydeokar, also known as AJ, is an digital marketer with over 6 years of experience and a BA in Sustainable Business and Finance.

He learnt about SEO when building his first website at the age of 14, an ed-tech project that reached over 500,000 students from 195 countries, and since then he has not looked back!

He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is always down for a brainstorming session. He is one of the brains behind SlicPix’s marketing strategy, finding innovative ways for SlicPix to gain traction. In his free time, AJ like to play chess, and go on hikes.

Dave Robertson

Dave is a passionate patent attorney. He takes time to fully understand the technology, which is why we have successfully been issued 2 patents.

Dave’s past life of being a USPTO Primary Patent examiner and a Technology Transfer Officer for The Pennsylvania State University System has helped him in being the best patent attorney Evah!

Mike Conley

Mike is passionate about new technology and advancing SlicPix into commercialization. We have had many hours of discussions on our wide variety of customers who benefit from Interactive multimedia digital creation.

He has a great wealth of intel in all aspects of starting and growing a small business in Maine and New Hampshire. Brainstorming galore!

Ranjita Sahay
Digital Marketing Strategist

Hello! I'm Ranjita Sahay, a marketing professional holding an MBA and certified in Digital Marketing from the prestigious University of Texas, Austin. Thriving in the Slicpix world, I'm currently interning and actively participating in the digital marketing initiatives that drive our brand forward.

Fun Facts about me: I love traveling and exploring new places with family. Each destination is a chapter in my travel book.

Chanranin Buth
Digital Marketing Strategist

Chanranin Buth, known as Rainy, is a BBA in Business Analytics senior set to graduate in May 2024. A Digital Marketing Analyst intern at SlicPix, with experience in marketing analytics, data-driven strategies, comprehensive research, and social media expertise for effective campaigns

My three strengths are detail-oriented, empathizer, and flexibility.


2015Codeweaving Inc started as a consulting company
2017The idea for SlicPix is first brought
2022SlicPix wins a Prize at Greenlight Maine
2023Team grows to 5 employees and interns
NowSlicPix gets a face lift with the release of Studio 2.0


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